CDC Accidentally Ships Deadly Virus, Hopes No One Will Notice

That wacky CDC is up to its old, potentially fatal-virus-spreading tricks again. But instead of anthrax or dengue, this time, the Centers for Disease Control brought a deadly strain of bird flu into its revolving cast of highly contagious characters. While rushing to get to a meeting, a CDC scientist accidentally… » 8/15/14 9:44pm 8/15/14 9:44pm

The Dangers (and Benefits) of Designing Mutant Super Viruses

Take an already deadly flu virus like H1N1—killer of an estimated 284,000 people—and imagine how to make it worse. How about a virus impossible for your immune system to detect? This is not just a thought experiment—a controversial Wisconsin lab known for concocting dangerous mutant viruses has actually created such… » 7/02/14 5:20pm 7/02/14 5:20pm

All the Different Animal Flus You Could Possibly Catch

The internet is often awash with news of new types of flu—spread from pigs, birds and all kinds of other creatures—but it's not easy to tell which ones you should really be worried about. Fortunately, this visualization explains exactly which strains you can pick up, and just how dangerous they are. » 4/10/13 8:42am 4/10/13 8:42am

Why Even Almighty Google Couldn't Keep Track of the Flu

The flu, as many are unfortunately aware, hit especially hard this year, and Google's Flu Trends map only confirmed and then heightened our mucus-coated fears. Or so we thought. As Nature points out, a comparison between Google Flu Trends (which bases its map off flu-related searches) and traditional surveillance data… » 2/13/13 5:20pm 2/13/13 5:20pm

Bird Flu Detection by "VereFlu" Disposable Lab-on-a Chip

You thought avian flu was so 2006, didn't you? Not so STMicroelectronics, which has been quietly working away to build a new lab-on-a-chip device to detect the virus. Dubbed VereFlu, it's actually able to detect many strains of influenza virus, including human type A and B, and the killer avian H5N1 strain. Better… » 3/24/08 1:10pm 3/24/08 1:10pm