InFocus IN83 DLP Plays Slightly Bigger Than Its Older Sibling

InFocus's new IN83 DLP projector may look the same as the previous IN82 model but it does pack some slight upgrades. Displaying full 1080p HD, the IN83 features the latest DarkChip4 DLP chipset and HDMI 1.3. The IN83 specs appear to be just a step above the IN82, and this slight upgrade wouldn't be complete without a… »3/11/08 3:32pm3/11/08 3:32pm

InFocus Dips Toe Into 1080p With Play Big IN82 Projector

Welcome back to the home theater projector derby, InFocus, and congratulations on rolling out your first 1080p DLP home projector. The next iteration of the company's Play Big series is named IN82 and cranks out a 4000:1 contrast ratio in that glorious resolution of which we are all so fond. It has the latest HDMI 1.3… »7/10/07 12:44pm7/10/07 12:44pm