NY Times Reporter Warped Into Dell Shill

Here's why you should never trust endorsements—besides the general principle of the matter » 10/15/08 9:15am 10/15/08 9:15am. NY Times reporter Marc Santora did an interview for a startup site called Big Think, talking about how technology has changed covering stories like the Iraq War. Imagine his surprise when part of it was slipped into a…

Boing Boing Gadgets Sells Out to the Infomercia Super Conglomerate

Gadget blogs are a far reach from being oppressive totalitarian states. But the propaganda they all push, if not carefully filtered by editors, on behalf of the CE industry, can be disgusting. BBG's ran a fantastic three day run of fictional blog posts, written as the mouthpiece of the ministry of comms of a "massive… » 10/15/08 4:33am 10/15/08 4:33am