Another Day, Another Hack: What Security News Should You Care About?

Every day it seems like there’s a new breach, a password to reset, or vulnerability. The trouble with a lot of security news though is that lot of it is important, but then there are garbage stories like this, big on scare and lacking in information, that make you just want to tune out. Let’s break down what’s worth… » 8/10/15 6:03pm 8/10/15 6:03pm

How many gigabytes does it take to make a human?

How much information is stored inside a human? Not as much as you think. All you need is a mere 1.5 gigabytes to fit your entire genetic code. Veritasium did the math in his latest brain tapping video and cooked up that number using bits to understand the molecules that make up a person's genetic code. » 7/03/14 11:05pm 7/03/14 11:05pm

The Government Is (Kinda) Classifying Less Information Than Ever

Despite the fact that the government seems more enthusiastic than ever about gathering data, its taste for making it classified seems to be waning. This year’s Information Security Oversight Office report reveals that, in 2012, the total number of "original classification" decisions fell over 40 percent. » 7/05/13 3:49am 7/05/13 3:49am

Study: The Expert Editors of Wikipedia Make it Harder to Read

Despite carrying user-generated content, Wikipedia has often been criticised for being tough to edit - even by its co-founder Jimmy Wales. But researchers have found another way in which the Web 2.0 wonder might leave people gnashing their teeth: it's much harder to read than that old favourite of doorstep salesmen,… » 12/06/12 5:08am 12/06/12 5:08am

Anyone Can Access Microsoft's Massive Location Database and See Where Your Laptop and Smartphone Have Been

Microsoft has been going around and building a database of publicly broadcast MAC addresses (along with their corresponding street address) for location services purposes. That might include those of your phones and laptops. Problem is, Microsoft didn't secure the database. » 7/29/11 4:52pm 7/29/11 4:52pm

Stanford Professor Thinks Analyzing Literary Data Might Be More Important than Reading the Actual Books

At first thought, the idea that studying trends in books is more important than reading the books themselves seems absurd. But the more one considers the argument put forward by Stanford professor Franco Moretti, the more the concept starts gains some validity. » 6/27/11 11:00pm 6/27/11 11:00pm