Ingenious Infrared Microwave Shows Your Food Change Color As It Heats Up

After watching this video I feel like the best microwave I've ever used sucked very badly. What you see here is a concept for the Heat Map Microwave, which would have a built-in IR camera on top and a screen on the front, effectively allowing you to see exactly when your food has been heated all the way through. Get… » 2/11/15 12:00pm 2/11/15 12:00pm

The Sparkle Guns that Keep Military Air Transports Safe

Commercial airlines aren't the only planes under attack from shoulder-fired rockets and missiles these days, a number of slow-moving vehicles in the US Air Force have come under increased threat of being shot down. That's why the USAF is outfitting many of them with sparkling laser blasters to confound inbound threats. » 12/24/14 12:20pm 12/24/14 12:20pm

Seeing F1 cars race in thermal vision is so freaking cool

Sometimes it's easy to forget that racing F1 cars is pretty much insanity. The ridiculous speeds, the punishing G-forces and not to mention the beasts of a machine they call cars. But when you look at a F1 car under thermal vision, you'll never forget how scary it is: they're driving fire breathing monsters. » 8/22/14 12:29am 8/22/14 12:29am

An Infrared View of Philadelphia Is Trippy and Apocalyptic

The idea of an empty city is sort of simultaneously awesome and creepy because it would be cool to have a space built for thousands of people all to yourself, but you'd have to wonder where everybody went. Photographer Bruce Wayne Berry Jr. wanted to investigate the feelings evoked by an empty city while using… » 9/29/13 9:23am 9/29/13 9:23am

Your iPhone Could Soon Get Predator-Vision

FLIR, or Forward-Looking Infrared, has long been a staple technology for militaries around the world, allowing operations under the cover of night without the blinding shortcomings of conventional night vision goggles. And slowly but surely, this heat-sensing imaging technology is working its way into the consumer… » 8/21/13 12:48pm 8/21/13 12:48pm

Infrared Technology Battles Back From the Dead With High Speed Wireless…

The same infrared technology that allowed the world to change the channel without getting off the couch could vastly speed up wireless data transfers between devices. Somewhere deep in the halls of the Fraunhofer Institute infrared technology has been on life support all these years, and could soon fight its way back… » 10/01/12 3:53pm 10/01/12 3:53pm

NASA Autonomous Lander Hovers in Midair, in Infrared Video

Hovering landers or drones look as though they're suspended in the air, because you can't see the vortices caused by the propellers or the heat emitted by the thruster, or whatever mechanism enables the hovering. Well, here you can. And it proves that the act of hovering is anything but delicate. » 6/25/11 10:00am 6/25/11 10:00am