Crazy Brain Implants Give Lab Rats a Sixth Sense and Let Them "Touch" Light

It's not every day that science and crazy brain implants lead to the generation of what is essentially a new sense, but it is that day today. Scientists from Duke University have found a way to make rats "feel" invisible infrared light and someday that same tech could give sight to the blind, or give us humans extras… »2/14/13 10:57am2/14/13 10:57am


Sima IR Camera Nightlight is Essential for Wildlife Watchers, Perverts

We had you at "perverts," right? Well, here's the deal; we just had some hands on time with Sima's IR light for cameras. The device promises to shed a whole host of light in areas that are missing the sun-like goodness. Although we did not get to use it in optimum conditions, i.e. in an area with no light, we did get… »1/07/08 10:36pm1/07/08 10:36pm