Is The Latest Apple-Samsung Court Case Really All About Google?

In a court case kicking off today in San Jose, Apple is tackling Samsung over software and hardware patent infringements in an attempt to win over $2.5 billion in damages. But behind all the claims and counter-claims, is this court case really a fight between Apple and Google? » 7/30/12 4:00am 7/30/12 4:00am

Google Told Samsung Not to Copy Apple

Apple's continued disputes with Samsung reach new levels next week when yet another trial kicks off. But this time, Apple plans to argue its case using a raft of internal Samsung documents that openly admit that the company mimicked the iPhone—and was even warned off doing so by Google. » 7/26/12 8:32am 7/26/12 8:32am

RIM Forced to Pay $147 Million Damages Over Patent Dispute

The New York Times is reporting that RIM has been found liable of infringing software patents held by Mformation Technologies. There goes $147 million in damages for the BlackBerry manufacturer—more cash it can't afford to lose. » 7/16/12 5:35am 7/16/12 5:35am

Samsung's Galaxy Tablets Infringe On Apple's Patents Says US Judge

A US judge agreed with Apple's claim that Samsung's Galaxy tablets infringe on their iPad-related patents. According to Reuters, this comment was made as part of an injunction request by Apple. » 10/13/11 8:05pm 10/13/11 8:05pm

Apple Wins Australian Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

News from the Australian front in the Apple/Samsung war has arrived, and it's bad for Samsung—its Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been banned from sale in Oz, thanks to a judge putting an interim injunction in place. [BBC via Gizmodo UK] » 10/13/11 6:12am 10/13/11 6:12am

Apple's Australian Legal Team Says No To Samsung's Peace Offering

Last week, Samsung approached Apple with a compromise that would let company sell the Galaxy Tab in Australia. On Tuesday, Apple rejected this settlement, opening the door for a long legal battle. » 10/04/11 1:33am 10/04/11 1:33am

Apple Presents Misleading Evidence in German Case Against Samsung

Apple filed an infringement complaint against Samsung and won an injunction that halted European sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Unfortunately for Apple, the images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab it submitted to the German court were inaccurate. » 8/16/11 1:36am 8/16/11 1:36am

"Every Android Device" Could Be Affected by HTC Patent Infringement

Hyperbole ahoy! Friday's ITC pro-Apple patent ruling against HTC is creating waves this weekend because it theoretically means a number of Android handsets could be barred from sale within the U.S. beginning in December. » 7/17/11 4:00pm 7/17/11 4:00pm

Surprise, Surprise, Apple Doesn't Have to Show Samsung the iPhone 5 and…

I'm sure the whole tech-world held their breath when Samsung asked Apple to show their unannounced iPad 3 and iPhone 5 devices in the ongoing court-case over each other's patent infringement. » 6/22/11 5:55am 6/22/11 5:55am

Motorola Sues Apple Over Pretty Much Everything Phone-Related

That's the problem with making really nice visual representations of the almost comically litigious mobile industry; you're never more than a few hours away from another sweeping accusation of patent infringements. This time it's Motorola's turn, with three complaints against Apple that cover a whopping 18 patents. » 10/06/10 4:45pm 10/06/10 4:45pm

The Patents HTC Is Suing Apple Over

U.S. PATENT NO. 6,999,800
Method for power management of a smart phone
A method for power management of a smart phone. The method comprises steps of resetting the smart phone, searching for network service, operating the mobile phone system in standby mode and a PDA system in normal mode when connected to a network,… » 5/12/10 2:12pm 5/12/10 2:12pm

Rambus Comes Out of Dark, Sues Nvidia for Patent Infringement

It's been a while since we've heard anything about memory maker Rambus, but the company has come back into the light to sue Nvidia for patent infringement. Rambus thinks that Nvidia's use of SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, GDDR, and GDDR3 SDRAM in their products violates 17 (count 'em... 17!) patents that Rambus owns. Those… » 7/11/08 4:23am 7/11/08 4:23am

RIAA Eats Crow, Drops Suit on Dead Man's Children

When the RIAA sued the children of a dead man accused of infringement, the hapless organization was met with outrage from all sides. Now the RIAA has backed off that idea, issuing a statement: "Out of an abundance of sensitivity, we have elected to drop this particular case." Yeah, right. That wasn't enough for Boing… » 8/15/06 11:14am 8/15/06 11:14am