These are the ingredients and additives inside your favorite foods

Eating a bag of chips? Delicious right! Great snack. But what you’re really eating are all these weird powders and difficult to pronounce additives and manufactured colors and sticky glue goop. This photo series for the book Ingredients by Dwight Eschliman and Steve Ettlinger reveals what’s inside your favorite foods… »9/23/15 4:05pm9/23/15 4:05pm


Everything That Goes Into a Cup of Eggnog

Traditionally, yes, eggnog included raw eggs. However, some countries today, such as the United States, severely restrict the use of raw egg in products, due to health concerns; thus, most commercial eggnog does not include raw eggs. (The FDA actually limits the egg yolk solids in eggnog to less than 1%.) You can,… »12/17/13 1:00pm12/17/13 1:00pm

The 26 Ingredients That Go Into a School Lunch Burger Include Chemicals, Blue Stuff and Question Marks

Why can't a school lunch burger just be a burger? Why does it have to include ingredients (ahem, chemicals) like thiamine mononitrate, disodium inosinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride in it? In the video above, NPR explains why burgers served in school cafeterias have so much crap in them. »4/06/12 11:40am4/06/12 11:40am