Aespironics Drug Inhaler Should Fit in Wallet, Be Cheap, Effective

An Israeli company, Aespironics, is trying a new approach in re-designing an old faithful drug delivery system: the inhaler. They've teamed up with an expert in drug atomization and a wind turbine researcher, and have come up with a breath-activated, turbine-assisted design that should be slim, cheap and easy to… » 8/05/08 7:15am 8/05/08 7:15am

Silver Inhaler Case Makes Asthma Stylish

Does your inhaler look as drab as an IBM Thinkpad? Never fear—your asthma meds get a stylish makeover with Respire's magnetic silver container. On sale for about $15, these sleek geek accessories come in two sizes, with glossy or satin finish. I love the weird ad copy from Respire, which claims its cases are made with… » 8/24/07 4:20pm 8/24/07 4:20pm