Tiny Pin-Cushions Made of Sugar Are The Sweetest, Cheapest Way To Get Vaccinated

Even if it means protection from dangerous, even fatal diseases, having a needle jabbed into your skin and liquid sickness squirted into your flesh is no fun for anyone. There are other needleless injection solutions out there, but a new microneedle array made completely out of dried sugar promises to make… »2/08/13 12:40pm2/08/13 12:40pm

Better Than Hypospray: Japanese Inventor Creates Needle-Free, Painless Injection

Most of our childhoods have already been ruined by needles at the doctor's office, but one Japanese inventor thinks he's come up with the perfect pain-free, needle-free injection to soothe tomorrow's lucky kids. Called Mother's Kiss, the device would theoretically eliminate the need for needles and even existing… »9/28/08 7:00pm9/28/08 7:00pm