Pioneer Inno XMP3: Portable Satellite Radio that Totally Doesn't Suck

CNET got their hands on Pioneer's new Inno XMP3 portable satellite radio receiver/mp3 player, and found it to be at the top of the heap in its category. Reception isn't stellar, but is significantly better than previous portable receivers, and sound quality and the player's GUI are both excellent. Internal memory is… » 11/08/08 1:00pm 11/08/08 1:00pm

Afternoon News: Harry Potter Is Too Close for Comfort, DirecTV Breaking Promises?, Best Buy's Profits Soar and More

• Daniel Radcliffe, a/k/a Harry Potter, just bought an apartment in Manhattan. Coincidentally, it's only four blocks from our NYC headquarters. Luckily we have our own Dark Lord Balthazaar to protect us from his spells. [Gridskipper]
• Less than two weeks remain for DirecTV to add 15 more HD channels in order to reach… » 12/18/07 4:00pm 12/18/07 4:00pm

MacGyver Mouse Has Numpad, Laser Pointer, Toothpaste, Underpants, Gallon of Freon, Detonator

Want to exit a presentation with the maximum amount of casualties possible? Check out this MacGyver mouse from Korea, which is actually a mouse, but also holds a numpad on top and a laser pointer on the side. Being thin and square is pretty much one of the worst possible shapes a mouse can be, but the fact that it's a… » 9/13/07 6:00pm 9/13/07 6:00pm

Pink Pioneer Inno to Fight Those Cancer Baddies

Pioneer is working with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Circuit City to help fight the breast cancer baddies. This limited edition pink Pioneer Inno will be sold for $350 at the XM website and at Circuit city. For every unit sold $30 will be donated. Good stuff, and it will match all of that other pink… » 9/06/06 2:34pm 9/06/06 2:34pm

XM Canada Twofer, Re: Pioneer Inno, Suzuki

It may not be Twofer Tuesday, but all of you XM fans up in Canadaland are getting a twofer of a post, care of me. Here's the dealio: first, the Pioneer Inno XM2go is now Canada ready. Canada is still getting its satellite feet wet, but this is a pretty big step, given that every Canadian rides a horse everywhere. The… » 7/14/06 12:51pm 7/14/06 12:51pm

Pioneer Inno XM Radio Reviewed (Verdict: One of the Good Ones)

Looks like they finally got portable XM right. The Inno looks cool and even works, unlike previous XM2Go offerings. The device records up to 50 hours of XM radio, plays MP3s and WMAs, and integrates with Napster. Priced at $399, it's pretty expensive for a portable device but not so expensive for a portable XM device.… » 4/13/06 11:38am 4/13/06 11:38am