Google Contest Winner Delivers Clean Water via Bicycles

You may not have heard of Google's Innovate or Die competition, but it was a $5000 contest for coming up with a method to provide rural communities with water—an endeavor that doesn't sound glorious, but is quite important to thirsty people. Aquaduct, the winning team, created a bicycle that can both help transport… »1/25/08 3:56pm1/25/08 3:56pm


MIT Cyclists Set Record for Pedal-Powered Supercomputing

A team of 10 cyclists from MIT have set a new world record in the field of Human Powered Computation (HPC) by drawing 1.2 kilowatts of electricity and powering a a SiCortex SC648 supercomputer over the course of a 20 minute nonstop ride. If you recall, SiCortex pulled a similar stunt with another group of bikers at… »12/17/07 5:30pm12/17/07 5:30pm