Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle to Make Clowns, Attention-Seekers Even Less Impressive

The Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle, or SBU, uses gyroscopes, accelerometers, and good clean electric power to make everyone's favorite one-wheeled method of transport accessible to those who don't want to bother with all that messy balancing and pedaling. Sure, unicycle purists will scoff, but now you can finally… »10/18/08 11:30am10/18/08 11:30am

The 100 Greatest Tech Innovations Of All-Time List Takes Balls

Whenever someone does a comprehensive countdown list like this, it goes without saying that they are really sticking their neck out. And Maximum PC is putting everything on the line with their list of the 100 greatest tech innovations of all-time. The title is a little misleading given the fact that the list is… »12/03/07 9:10pm12/03/07 9:10pm

Mygo Cane Guides the Blind, Turns Them Into Potential Superheroes

Sebastian Ritzler, a design student in Germany, has created a feature-laden rolling white cane called the Mygo that will make the blind scoff at us eyesies. The Mygo uses a sensor-camera combo to measure the ground below it and give the user real time feedback via a wireless headset. The cane also ends in a small… »9/24/07 11:45pm9/24/07 11:45pm

Aerocool Power Supply with Sockets Instead of Too-Many-Cables

PC case modders know that power supply units (PSU) usually have a spaghetti bowl's worth of cables along for the ride, and what do you do with that mess if you don't need them all? This Aerocool Turbine Power 550-watt PSU solves that problem, letting you add just the cables you'll use, plugging them into its… »9/08/06 11:08am9/08/06 11:08am