2-Nanometer Quantum Transistors Are the World's Smallest

A team of scientists at Chungbuk National University in South Korea have created a transistor that's only 2nm in size, which happens to be the smallest in the world. By comparison, the current generation of Intel processors use 32nm transistors. » 5/31/11 6:20pm 5/31/11 6:20pm

First-Ever Sex Toy Drive-Through Opens in Alabama

Pleasures, a sex toy store in Huntsville, Alabama (where sex toys are technically illegal), just opened the country's first sex-toy drive-through service. I know what you're thinking! "It'll get so crowded!" Don't worry—there are three lanes. » 11/10/10 4:40am 11/10/10 4:40am

One of These Amazing Inventions Will Win the International Dyson Award…

There are just four days until the international winner of the James Dyson Awards is announced from one of the following 15 finalists. Some amazing inventions are up for it, including that water sterilization bottle from the UK. » 10/01/10 8:00am 10/01/10 8:00am

The Smartest Advancements in Technology Series: The Telescope

What five technologies have made our lives easier, better, and more efficient? Hard to choose, right? Well, inspired by the next tech advancement, Intel smart TV, we've done it for you. First up: that spectacle of wonder, the mighty telescope. » 9/27/10 2:59pm 9/27/10 2:59pm

IBM First Company to Win 4,000 Patents in a Year, More Than Microsoft…

IBM has always hoarded patents like a dwarf and his gold. But this year, they're the first company to ever win more than 4,000 in a single year, more than Microsoft and Intel combined. » 1/14/09 10:20am 1/14/09 10:20am

Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle to Make Clowns, Attention-Seekers Even…

The Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle, or SBU, uses gyroscopes, accelerometers, and good clean electric power to make everyone's favorite one-wheeled method of transport accessible to those who don't want to bother with all that messy balancing and pedaling. Sure, unicycle purists will scoff, but now you can finally… » 10/18/08 11:30am 10/18/08 11:30am

The 100 Greatest Tech Innovations Of All-Time List Takes Balls

Whenever someone does a comprehensive countdown list like this, it goes without saying that they are really sticking their neck out. And Maximum PC is putting everything on the line with their list of the 100 greatest tech innovations of all-time. The title is a little misleading given the fact that the list is… » 12/03/07 9:10pm 12/03/07 9:10pm

Foldable Fabric Oven, For Baking On the Go

Scientists in Taiwan have figured out how to make an oven out of cloth. Here you can see they've heated up a couple of pieces of tasty cheese toast in the thing, and the inventive tinkerers at the Taiwan Textile Research Institute say they've also baked a chicken in this lightweight and foldable oven that's… » 10/04/07 9:20am 10/04/07 9:20am

Mygo Cane Guides the Blind, Turns Them Into Potential Superheroes

Sebastian Ritzler, a design student in Germany, has created a feature-laden rolling white cane called the Mygo that will make the blind scoff at us eyesies. The Mygo uses a sensor-camera combo to measure the ground below it and give the user real time feedback via a wireless headset. The cane also ends in a small… » 9/24/07 11:45pm 9/24/07 11:45pm

Luring the Hot Babes: Innovations Just for Women

In a major initiative to attract more lovely ladies to Gizmodo, we've been working on figuring out just how this world should be arranged to best accommodate their discriminating and sometimes eclectic tastes. Top of the list is this prototype mouse with a flip-up body and makeup inside, complete with a mirror for… » 11/03/06 9:42am 11/03/06 9:42am

Aerocool Power Supply with Sockets Instead of Too-Many-Cables

PC case modders know that power supply units (PSU) usually have a spaghetti bowl's worth of cables along for the ride, and what do you do with that mess if you don't need them all? This Aerocool Turbine Power 550-watt PSU solves that problem, letting you add just the cables you'll use, plugging them into its… » 9/08/06 11:08am 9/08/06 11:08am