Make Your Wristwatch Useful Again

As much as I like the look of a watch on my wrist, they serve a redundant purpose in my life thanks to the advent of the cellphone clock. However, the Allerta Inpulse is a watch with a touchscreen LCD fully intended to be modded for the specific uses of its owner. It's expected to cost $150 when it comes out. [Bits] » 2/17/11 1:40am 2/17/11 1:40am

BlackBerry "Smartwatch" Nearing Completion

A Tumblr post by the inPulse team indicates their BlackBerry peripheral, which acts as a remote display, is ready for assembly and nearing release. No specific launch date is mentioned, but be ready to get your Dick Tracy on soon. [inPulse via SlashGear] » 7/23/10 12:25pm 7/23/10 12:25pm