Asus Is Putting Sick 3D Gesture Controls in Its PCs This Year

Leap Motion's amazing-looking gesture control debuted last May, and has had developers crawling all over it ever since. Now, Asus has announced that it's teaming up with the company to produce a range of computers using the tech—and they should be here this year. » 1/03/13 9:04am 1/03/13 9:04am

Why a Keyboard—not a Processor or Screen or Anything Else—Is the Only…

The killer (or be killed) feature of that new Microsoft Surface for Windows RT is its keyboard. The tablet itself is a wonderful device. It's got a great body and a (seemingly) fast processor. But input is everything. » 6/19/12 4:40pm 6/19/12 4:40pm

This 20-Button Mouse Puts Your Everything to Shame

Some might think that Logitech has gone off the UI deep-end with its latest gaming mouse. It tops the company's previous efforts, and those of its competitors, with a total of twenty—count 'em twenty—programmable buttons. » 6/14/12 9:01am 6/14/12 9:01am

Microsoft Can Detect Your Gestures Using Just Your Computer's Audio

Kinect has drawn a huge amount of interest, not just from gamers but computer scientists, engineers and artists. Now, it seems Microsoft is branching out, because one of its latest research projects offers gesture control powered by just a computer's speakers, microphone, and some inaudible sound. » 5/08/12 5:34am 5/08/12 5:34am

Hacking Keyboard Is Quiet And Maybe A Little Confusing

This Happy Hacking Keyboard Type-S doesn't have any text on the keys, because come on, when you speak 1337 you don't need freaking letters, yo. But even better, it's dead silent so you can hack into servers and shut down the CIA's website without having to worry about pounding so loud on the keyboard that you wake up… » 6/16/11 11:40pm 6/16/11 11:40pm