BlueMaemo Turns Your Nokia Tablet Into a Wireless Mouse, Keyboard

Usually, the only reason we use the keyboards on internet tablets is because we can't get to a more comfortable input device. Still, if you want to turn that on your head, here's a beta application for Nokia Internet Tablets (the N800 and N810 specifically) that let you use them as a keypad and mouse for your main… » 10/23/08 11:30pm 10/23/08 11:30pm

EzKEY Keypad Mouse, for Number Crunchers on the Go

This EzKEY combo mouse and keypad might be just what you're looking for if you're on the road, suddenly need to add a long list of numbers, and your laptop doesn't have a keypad. Just flip up the top as you would open your car's trunk, and there you have a keypad to do some quick number crunching. Flip it down, and it… » 7/31/07 9:22am 7/31/07 9:22am