The Story Of How Ross Perot Saved Pixar From Being Owned By GM

What if, instead of making beloved movies like Toy Story, Wall-E, and Up, everyone's favorite CGI film studio Pixar had been swallowed up by General Motors? It sounds insane, but it almost happened had it not been for the timely intervention of one of America's most famous living billionaire/failed presidential… » 7/02/14 4:50pm 7/02/14 4:50pm

Giant RoboCop Statue Rises Just As Detroit Falls Into Financial Abyss

RoboCop rises just as the city of Detroit plummets further into a nightmarish financial abyss, just in time to protect a handful of residents from the fiscal shitstorm on the horizon. The future is here and it's in many ways as bad as what science fiction predicted. » 5/13/13 2:39pm 5/13/13 2:39pm