An Inspirational Blind Photographer

Pete Eckert is a photographer. He's also blind after suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa. The video above shows his amazing photography process—from composing, snapping to processing in the dark room. Eckert is doing something he loves, even if most of us would foolishly assume he couldn't. Check out Pete Eckert's… » 2/12/11 9:00pm 2/12/11 9:00pm

Napkin Notebook: An Idea so Good, It Must Have Been Written on a Napkin

It is no secret that many of the best ideas are doodled down on a napkin in a moment of inspiration. Now you can keep the ideas flowing at all times thanks to this spiral-bound cocktail napkin notebook. It even comes with its own pen for optimum napkin doodling effectiveness. Now if they could only harness the… » 11/20/07 7:30pm 11/20/07 7:30pm