AT&T's New, Slightly More Fair Wireless Data Plans

AT&T's got new data plans to go with the wireless hotspot feature debuting in its first 4G Android phones—which they're "working with Apple to bring it to iPhone"—and they actually screw you less than before. » 2/02/11 3:41pm 2/02/11 3:41pm

HTC Inspire 4G Pops Up on Amazon For $99

Hot on the heels of Amazon slipping a $149 price out for Motorola's Atrix 4G, and they've gone and blabbed that HTC's Inspire 4G for AT&T will cost a shade under 100 notes. [Amazon via Phandroid] » 1/28/11 4:40am 1/28/11 4:40am

Verizon HTC ThunderBolt & AT&T Inspire 4G Leak

It looks like the Verizon HTC ThunderBolt couldn't hide any longer. The ThunderBolt popped up (with the Inspire 4G) in an ad in the current edition of Rolling Stone. The ThunderBolt will probably be the first phone to have LTE. » 1/05/11 12:50am 1/05/11 12:50am