Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Officially the Biggest Netbook on the Block

A truly bizarre day to announce a new notebook, Dell's Inspiron Mini 12 is officially the most gargantuan netbook on the block. I wasn't exactly blown away by it when I scoped it briefly a couple months ago, but Laptop was sufficiently impressed in its more in-depth hands on to compare it to the MacBook Air and Voodoo… »10/26/08 8:56pm10/26/08 8:56pm

Inspiron Mini 12 Shows Up In Dell Support Pages, On Its Way Soon?

A 12-inch version of the Inspiron Mini, which sounds a lot like the still-not-available mystery product we saw at Tesco last month, has popped up on Dell's website, which could mean a very soon release date. The user manuals, troubleshooting documents and tech guides for the Inspiron Mini 12 were hidden in the… »10/15/08 11:54pm10/15/08 11:54pm

Rumor Smash: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Doesn't Have Hidden 3G Powers (Yet)

Even though Vodafone is gleefully selling Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 »9/08/08 5:25pm9/08/08 5:25pm with , it turns out that Mini 9s sold in the US actually don't possess latent 3G powers like that annoying kid on . A solid source close to the matter told us that while every Mini 9 uses the same motherboard with a port for integrated mobile broadband…

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Available Now: Windows XP $399, Ubuntu $349

The way Dell introduced the Inspiron Mini 9 was pretty inspired, so it's almost been depressing watching the steady stream of leaks deflate it into a now familiar device, even though it's only being released today. As leaked, inside is an Intel Atom Diamondville processor and it has a 1024x600 LED-backlit screen with… »9/04/08 1:47am9/04/08 1:47am

Dell Inspiron 910 Gets Release Date: This Friday, September 5th.

We've been following the news and leaks on Dell's Eee PC answer, the Inspiron 910, and now here's some more info: we've learned it'll be released on September 5th. The news is not concrete, for sure, and there's no word on pricing, but that date's soon: this Friday, ultra-portable PC fans. Update: The Wall St Journal… »9/02/08 7:20am9/02/08 7:20am

Leaked: Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) Specs and Release Date

A few weeks ago we ran some rumored specs of Dell's answer to the Eee, the Dell Inspiron 910 (aka Mini Inspiron and Inspiron Mini). Now we've gotten our hands on the full (internal) 910 web documentation. Along with scoping shots from every angle, we've learned that the 910 will support SSDs up to 16GB and has what… »8/18/08 12:01pm8/18/08 12:01pm

Dell E (aka Mini-Inspiron) Specs Uncovered, Actually Called Inspiron Mini?

Zumo thinks they got a peak at the specs for Dell's first cheap mini-laptop on a recent trip to Dell's Texas facilities. They say that it'll be called the Inspiron Mini, contrary to previous reports it'll it's the Dell E. What's supposedly inside sounds reasonable, and what you'd expect out of a suitable Eee killer,… »7/23/08 6:31pm7/23/08 6:31pm