Here's what an explosion of flavors literally looks like

We know it's tasty and delicious but who knew flavor could be so beautiful? This audio visual installation by Schwartz Flavour Shots riffs off the explosion of flavors one tastes with spices by literally exploding those flavors. Several tons of black pepper corns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger,… »1/10/14 8:40pm1/10/14 8:40pm

What Happens When Two Computers Play Rock Paper Scissors?

Nothing. If nothing meant becoming lulled into hypnosis as two machines battle each other out in a human game that can be interpreted through specific algorithms. If nothing meant secretly betting on which computer is superior. If nothing meant enjoying the beats and pulses of anticipation as each screen throws out… »10/29/13 8:09pm10/29/13 8:09pm

Light Show Lets You Walk Through a NYC Tunnel For the First Time Ever

For the past 80 years, there’s only been one way to see the inside of the Park Avenue Tunnel: By car, rocketing through the darkened chute towards Grand Central. But on Saturday, for the first time ever, the tunnel will be open to pedestrians, and host to an unusual art installation—one that reportedly has the NYPD… »8/01/13 11:50am8/01/13 11:50am

Inside the Rain Room: Walking Through a Downpour Without Getting Wet

The first thing you notice about Rain Room, the sure blockbuster installation that opened at MoMA on Friday, is the tropical humidity. The second thing is the sound from hundreds of gallons of water pouring from an artificial ceiling. Finally, after your eyes adjust to the darkness, you actually see it: Rain Room, a… »5/13/13 12:52pm5/13/13 12:52pm

An Awesome Interactive 72,000 LED Display Is What Every Children's Hospital Needs

This is wonderful. Jason Bruges Studio created an interactive installation that can react to touch and reveal digital animals inside a children's hospital. It's really clever, there are 70 LED panels with 72,000 LEDs in total hidden behind the wallpaper of the rainforest. When started, the wall makes it seem as if… »2/04/13 11:00pm2/04/13 11:00pm

Cloud City: A Spectacular Sculptural Constellation of Mirrors and Steel

Yesterday, atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, artist and architect Tomas Saraceno debuted his most recent work: Cloud City. A spectacular sculptural constellation, Cloud City is a mirrored fun house of geodesic pods, open to the public, with a number of prime vantage points for taking in the… »5/15/12 10:30pm5/15/12 10:30pm