Installer for iPhone Is Dead

Oh Installer, Installer, we had so much fun together, you and I. When Apple didn't have any iPhone app store, and whenever Apple blocked some essential iPhone apps, you were always there. And now... now you are dead like Zed. » 6/18/09 10:40am 6/18/09 10:40am

InstallerApp For Mac Installs Jailbreak Apps Without Jailbreaking Your…

Ripdev's InstallerApp makes installing third-party jailbreak applications on your iPhone slightly easier, by eliminating the need to jailbreak your iPhone at all. You just need to pay $7 for the privilege. » 3/24/09 6:18pm 3/24/09 6:18pm

How to: Install Unofficial Apps on Your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch, Easily…

If you want to install cool apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free, easily, breaking Apple-imposed limitations without breaking your warranty or Applethingie, here is the how-to guide for Mac and Windows users. » 3/07/09 12:00pm 3/07/09 12:00pm

Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation Comes to Jailbroken iPhones

Six months after the App Store was launched, the iPhone app gray market lives on: turn-by-turn navigation has come to jailbroken iPhones in the form of xGPS. UPDATED » 2/11/09 5:13am 2/11/09 5:13am

iControlPad Thumbed on Video, Only Works With Homebrew Games

The iControlPad bore many signs of vaporware: desirability, no official authorization and a low budget. We now know that there's at least one working version, and that promises of production aren't, you know, lies. » 1/19/09 5:58am 1/19/09 5:58am

Quake on iPhone Comes to Cydia Installer

That Quake game for the iPhone » 8/05/08 1:40pm 8/05/08 1:40pm we wrote about a few months back has made it onto Cydia, the jailbreak application repository. Just Another iPhone Blog says it's not too slow and it doesn't make use of the accelerometer (so it's probably not the version we wrote about before), but it does play fairly well. Seeing as…

Installer 4 Beta For iPhone 2.0 Leaked

The folks at InstallerApps claim that they've come across a leaked early version of 4, the version that works with the iPhone 2.0 software. The download link » 8/04/08 9:53am 8/04/08 9:53am works, but the installation process requires SSH and command line work to install and is apparently still an early rough beta. So, install at…

iPhone NES Emulator Adds Accelerometer Support, Brings Tilt Control to…

The new version of the popular NES emulator for the iPhone and iPod touch now includes accelerometer control for all games. The implementation is very simple: A tilt is equivalent to controlling input in that direction. This means that tilt control can be used in any game loaded into the emulator, but also that some… » 7/28/08 9:40pm 7/28/08 9:40pm

Next Version of For iPhone 2.0 Software Looks Like It's…

These screens were released today by the developers of showing Installer 4, the next version that will work with jailbroken iPhones running firmware 2.0. By the slick looks of it, it looks like they're getting close. When it's done, it will be multi-threaded (meaning everything doesn't come to a halt… » 7/24/08 7:07pm 7/24/08 7:07pm

Hands-On Google Talk for iPhone (Verdict: Stick with

Google's brand new Gtalk webapp for the iPhone is as crappy as I expected it would be. It has a nice design, and sending messages was easy, but at the end of the day it's still running in Safari—which means if you get a call you are signed out of chat. And unlike other web-based IM apps, Gtalk doesn't work in the… » 7/03/08 2:30pm 7/03/08 2:30pm

TiVoRemote App Updated with Slick GUI and Handy Features

TiVoremote, the iPhone / iPod touch Telnet TiVo Remote app, was finally updated a few weeks ago with an ooey gooey GUI, and some really useful new features. Now at version 0.23, the app can now detect TiVos on your home network, allowing for easy selection of the TiVo you want to control. What's even better is the app… » 6/30/08 5:40pm 6/30/08 5:40pm

Afternoon News: I Hate Vivid, I Like BudCase, Facebook Allegedly…

• Vivid Video is suing PornoTube over copyright infringement. I never thought I'd say this, but I hate you, Vivid Video. [Ars Technica]
• Facebook Beacon isn't only invasive and potentially embarassing, it may also be illegal. [Boing Boing]
• The BudCase stores your ear buds on your keychain. I need this, and for $15,… » 12/11/07 3:59pm 12/11/07 3:59pm

iPhone Apps Back With A Single Click (Yes, This is the Moment We've…

Easily installed iPhone apps are back on version 1.1.1. If you point your iPhone/Touch browser to, click "install AppSnapp", it'll use the TIFF exploit to jailbreak your phone and install » 10/29/07 9:24am 10/29/07 9:24am