Next Version of Installer.app For iPhone 2.0 Software Looks Like It's Getting Close

These screens were released today by the developers of Installer.app showing Installer 4, the next version that will work with jailbroken iPhones running firmware 2.0. By the slick looks of it, it looks like they're getting close. When it's done, it will be multi-threaded (meaning everything doesn't come to a halt… » 7/24/08 7:07pm 7/24/08 7:07pm

Why We Still Need the iPhone App Black Market

A year ago, we said that no iPhone SDK meant no killer apps. It came, and the apps are here in staggering numbers. But many of the amazing apps and concepts we grew to love as unofficial apps aren't here, and only about 100 of the 500+ apps at launch in the official store are really useful or desirable-the rest are… » 7/23/08 10:00am 7/23/08 10:00am

Hands-On Google Talk for iPhone (Verdict: Stick with Installer.app)

Google's brand new Gtalk webapp for the iPhone is as crappy as I expected it would be. It has a nice design, and sending messages was easy, but at the end of the day it's still running in Safari—which means if you get a call you are signed out of chat. And unlike other web-based IM apps, Gtalk doesn't work in the… » 7/03/08 2:30pm 7/03/08 2:30pm

iPhone / iPod TiVoRemote App Makes Telnet Control Easy

Remember when we showed you an iPhone controlling a TiVo over IP by means of Telnet? Well, over at the TiVo Community Forum, a user named Duckfin has compiled a "quick and dirty little program" that gives the iPhone and iPod touch a proper TiVo Remote. The app which is named TiVoRemote, no surprise there, actually… » 5/08/08 7:45pm 5/08/08 7:45pm

Twinkle, the iPhone Twitter Client, Adds Location Features

Twitter Fans: an iPhone client called Twinkle was just released on Installer.app. What's the difference between Twinkle and other apps? It's true that you can let the world know that you're getting a haircut or some taxi zoomed past you without stopping on any client, but Twinkle lets you use the iPhone's location… » 4/10/08 1:50pm 4/10/08 1:50pm

iPhone Installer App Updated to 3.0beta3 With Many Improvements

The iPhone's Installer.app has been updated to 3.0, and features a much better organizational system than the previous "everything listed in a flat list that takes forever to scroll through". Not only are there sections now, you can "Update All", and the packaging backend is improved as well. You can't install this… » 10/19/07 8:15pm 10/19/07 8:15pm