iBuddy Meatspace Instant Message Notification Guy Now On Sale

That iBuddy MSN emote guy we caw back at CES » 7/29/08 2:40pm 7/29/08 2:40pm is now on sale at Brando for $20. If you don't remember, you can set up notifications on your MSN buddies, so that when they sign on, the iBuddy goes nuts and flaps its wings. It also recognizes up to eight emotes and blinks/flaps/explodes accordingly. Sucks that it's only…

iBuddy Brings Cyberspace IM Emotes into Meatspace

The Availbot was a neat prototype, but this USB i-Buddy we just saw takes instant message emote representation to the next level. When one of your pre-specified MSN buddies signs on, the little monarch man blinks its lights, flaps its wings or twists its body in a way that can only be described as incredibly spastic. » 1/10/08 9:07am 1/10/08 9:07am