Here it Is: The World's First Remote-Controlled (LED) Light Bulb

Don't you hate getting all bundled up under the covers, your pillows in the perfect scrunch position under your head, only to realize you didn't turn out the lamp on the opposite end of the room and there's no way you'll be able to sleep with that bright bulb shining in your eyes all night? I do. And I do this all the… »6/20/12 9:40pm6/20/12 9:40pm


How to Monitor and Control Your Home From Anywhere

If you ever saw a "Home of the Future" exhibit and thought you'd never be able to enjoy such awesome levels of home automation, well, your wait is over. With equipment available right now, you can assemble a do-it-yourself home-control system capable of managing everything from your lighting and ceiling fans to your… »2/24/11 11:00am2/24/11 11:00am

Mob Takes Over Office Lighting To Transform Tower Into Giant Frosty Pint

Sure it's an ad, but taking over your office building's lighting system en masse with an army of thirsty friends as an homage to every Irishman's favorite stout is a pretty refreshing dream while you're pinned inside your cubicle. Now if we could just do this with a massive INSTEON installation-then we'd be set. Check… »7/31/08 12:20pm7/31/08 12:20pm

Best Buy's ConnectedLife.Home Automates the Life of Luddites for $15,000

Best Buy has decided to make home automation easier by offering its ConnectedLife.Home package, a $15,000 box-o-fun including an HP Media Center PC controlling an Xbox 360 as a media extender, along with a dozen Insteon remote light switches, a RCS networked thermostat you can control from that PC and a couple of… »12/27/06 8:34am12/27/06 8:34am