Sprint Instinct Firmware Update Includes Non-Crappy Browser

The Instinct firmware update BH29 was pushed out over the air (a cool feature in and of itself) a few days ago, with one main purpose: fixing the browser with an entirely new codebase. Lame page rendering and navigation were our biggest problems »10/06/08 7:00am10/06/08 7:00am with the Instinct, so this update is definitely worth exploring. Release…

Sprint Instinct vs. iPhone: Revenge of the 3G (Guess Who Still Wins?)

Back when Sprint's $100 million shot »9/04/08 8:00pm9/04/08 8:00pm to the iPhone's nuts kicked off, the Instinct had two big things it didn't: 3G and GPS. Now, the iPhone's got both of those, making the Instinct a non-contender, right? Not in Instinct vs. iPhone, 3G Redux. We won't, uh, spoil it for you, but guess who wins by Sprint's count with a…

Dealzmodo: RadioShack Selling Samsung Instinct For $100 During Labor Day Weekend

If you are interested in getting your hands on a Samsung Instinct, RadioShack has announced that they will be offering an exclusive $100 price on the phone to celebrate its launch across their 4,400 stores. The Instinct is easily Sprint's best phone, but it is available only to new Sprint users who sign up for a… »8/28/08 6:30pm8/28/08 6:30pm

Sprint Instinct Firmware Update Fixes Bugs, Paves Path for Feature Updates

Sprint's best phone, the Instinct got a little bit better today with a firmware update that patches some sniggles. No new features, but this update apparently lubes it up for a big one next month that'll drop in changes to the browser (dear god, make it better), Sprint Nav, TV, Picture Mail-and pretty much everything… »7/30/08 6:29pm7/30/08 6:29pm

Verizon's LG Dare Full Review (Verdict: Best iClone Yet)

"Dare to be different," the saying goes, but the LG Dare is really Verizon Wireless's attempt to fit in, to offer a phone that's more like the AT&T LG Vu and Sprint Samsung Instinct, not to mention Apple's similarly priced iPhone 3G. The truth is, the Dare may not be as glamorous or well-priced as the Instinct, but it… »6/30/08 7:03pm6/30/08 7:03pm

Put the Instinct in a YouTube Clip, Sprint Will Give You $20

Clever social marketing or desperate ploy for viral popularity? Sprint's offering $20 to the first 1,000 people to feature the Instinct in a YouTube clip, while the Grand Prize Winner will pick up a sweet $10,000. The official rules will be released on Monday when the contest, appropriately called "Sell Out," kicks… »6/24/08 12:45pm6/24/08 12:45pm