Question of the Day: Do You Ever Read the Instruction Manual?

I have this thing about instruction manuals. For some reason, I refuse to look at it when setting up a new gadget no matter how complicated things are. I break down eventually when I get stuck, but there is no reason why I shouldn't go to it right off the bat and save some time. Maybe it's a man thing, maybe it's… »10/21/08 5:00pm10/21/08 5:00pm

Gliding Laptop Mount is Perfect for the Lazy College Student

When we want to use our laptops in bed, we usually grimace through the third-degree burns or find some kind of laptop stand. This guy takes it one step further, creating a sliding laptop mount for his ceiling, complete with tracks and a power system to keep his unit charged as well. See the video to see what we mean… »9/12/07 8:00pm9/12/07 8:00pm