Is Apple Ditching Nvidia's Discrete Graphics In the Next MacBook Pros?

Apple has long-preferred Nvidia graphics in its MacBook Pros to Intel's integrated solution, even engineering their own graphics-switching technology to squeeze Nvidia in. But after the upcoming release of Intel's next-gen Sandy Bridge processor, those days may be over. » 12/09/10 8:36am 12/09/10 8:36am

Intel's Sandy Bridge Processors Coming Early Next Year

Confirming what everyone was pretty positive about in the first place, Intel has announced that its next generation of Core processors—code name: Sandy Bridge—will be hitting the market early next year for both desktops and laptops. They're built on the same 32nm process as the current batch of Core guts, and more… » 9/13/10 1:17pm 9/13/10 1:17pm