Apple Quietly Bumps Plastic MacBook To 2.4GHz

As we expected, Apple has refreshed its solitary plastic MacBook (favored by the cheap), bumping it from 2.26GHz to 2.4GHz. Hard drive capacity is the same as last October's refresh, but the real story is the extra three hours' battery-life. » 5/18/10 4:37am 5/18/10 4:37am

Intel Refreshing Montevina Chips, Adding More Power in Spring

If you're looking into getting a new laptop, you should probably hold off until after the holidays for an extra boost in processing power. According to sources at AppleInsider, Intel's planning a refresh of its Montevina Core 2 Duo processors for Spring 2009. The update will give notebooks two new variants of chips, a… » 10/23/08 11:00pm 10/23/08 11:00pm

Laptop Confidential II: We Have a Winner!

All the votes are in for our Laptop Confidential II contest, and the winner is the video above, entitled "The Gizmodo Informant," a brutal look at the torture of an innocent detective whose clueless captor can't figure out that "mocodomzig" is spelled backwards. The winner, calling his group "Hidden Agenda,"… » 8/28/07 5:00pm 8/28/07 5:00pm

Dell Core 2 Duo Precision Mobile Workstation M65 Reviewed (Verdict:…

Dell rolled out its workstation-class notebook packing a Core 2 Duo processor, where the latest Intel Meron mobile chip is nestled inside a ritzy form factor Dell calls the Precision Mobile Workstation M65. The guys at Digital Media Net were impressed, highly recommending the laptop, and digging its 15.2-inch screen… » 9/05/06 9:51am 9/05/06 9:51am

Toshiba Launches Qosmio G35 Laptop With Core 2 Duo and HD-DVD

Not wanting to be left out of the Intel Core 2 Duo (or Merom) fiesta that's been going on for the past day or so, Toshiba's come out with the Qosmio G35-AV660, a laptop featuring Intel's latest mobile CPU and an HD-DVD-ROM. Available now, the Qosmio G35-AV660 benefits from the increased horsepower of the Merom by… » 8/29/06 12:38pm 8/29/06 12:38pm

Dell Precision Workstation 390 Hands-On: Core 2 Extreme-Packing,…

This morning Intel officially announced its Core 2 Duo processors, and Dell has provided Gizmodo with a blazing fast Dell Precision Workstation 390 just in time for a Day Zero hands-on review. At first glance, the machine doesn't look much different from previous Dell Precision Workstations, but inside is a completely… » 7/27/06 9:00am 7/27/06 9:00am