The Secret Behind Apple's New MacBook Graphics

The new Intel Core i5/i7 MacBooks come with "automatic graphics switching technology" to instantly toggle between Intel's onboard graphics and more powerful Nvidia hardware. Sound familiar? Well, weirdly, it's not Nvidia's Optimus switcher—it's something entirely new. » 4/13/10 6:59pm 4/13/10 6:59pm

Rumor: Core i5/i7 MacBooks Coming This Month

I've got plenty of questions about this report (like, who the hell is Apple Daily?), but a lot of the pieces fit: rumor has it that Core i5 and i7 MacBooks are coming this month. This would be great news, for people who want MacBooks! Alternately, this would be sad news, for all us morons who bought a MacBook after the … » 4/05/10 5:39pm 4/05/10 5:39pm