Intel Says They've Taken A Huge Leap in Wireless Power Tech

Wireless power for charging gadgets has been among the more vaporous of developments we've been hearing promises of for years. While there are a few working instances » 8/21/08 9:30am 8/21/08 9:30am of the tech on the market, its large-scale adoption still feels miles away. So the appropriate skepticism should be applied to claiming Intel will…

Intel's Latest System-On-A-Chip is For Web Enabled TVs, Set-Top Boxes

Only a month or so after announcing intentions to dabble in the SoC game » 8/20/08 6:02pm 8/20/08 6:02pm for embedded systems, Intel's showing off its first iteration at the Intel Developers Forum. The CE 3100 (previously in Intel speak) combines HD video processing, "home theater quality" audio and 3D graphics with the internet connectedness to…

Asustek Shows Concept Laptop With Secondary Display

Asustek takes a cue from cellphones, showing off this concept laptop with a secondary display on the outside, letting you give get a quick peek at your e-mail, check your schedule or see what's playing on the MP3 player without having to open it up. Just think of it: now you can check your e-mail on your laptop while… » 9/28/06 9:16am 9/28/06 9:16am