Ultimate Intel Santa Rosa Launch Guide

OK, you've heard way too much about Intel's new chipset today. But do you ever think about tomorrow? What if you suddenly really want to know about Santa Rosa then? Don't laugh. One day, soon, Santa Rosa will pop back into your head, and you will want the facts. Fast. Well, guess what? They're all here in this post. » 5/09/07 9:31pm 5/09/07 9:31pm

Intel's New Core 2 Duos Get Priced

Now that we've shown you the technology and the hardware behind Intel's new Centrino Duo platform, it's time to talk CPU pricing. What do these new Core 2 Duos cost? It depends. They range from the top of the line 2.40GHz T7700 ($530) to the Core 2 Duo processor LV L7300 at 1.40GHz ($284). » 5/09/07 5:40pm 5/09/07 5:40pm

AOpen and Niveus Crash the Intel Launch Party

We hit up Intel's launch party this afternoon to check out some more next-gen Centrino Duo goodness and much to our surprise we came across a pair of fresh-outta-the-oven small form factor PCs that plan on borrowing features from the new mobile platform. » 5/09/07 3:05pm 5/09/07 3:05pm

What You Need to Know About Intel's New Santa Rosa Platform

So today marks the debut of Intel's new Santa Rosa platform. Aside from the fact that your notebook is officially outdated, what else does this mean? What does Santa Rosa offer that you're missing out on, and more importantly, is it enough to warrant buying a new lappie? » 5/09/07 9:01am 5/09/07 9:01am

Vicious New Santa Rosa's LG X-Note Laptops Throw Exclusive Party with…

According to the Far East wires, a group of vicious LG X-Note laptops powered by Intel Santa Rosa chipsets have been seen in a Korean park while enjoying an exclusive picnic with two young cyborg nymphs. Two of the bigger notebook computers respond to the names of LG X-Note R500 and E500 (aka Biff and Joey Four… » 5/08/07 12:14pm 5/08/07 12:14pm

Intel's Next Gen Mobile Chipset Coming May 8th, Will Include HSDPA

The buzz has officially started. Intel's next mobile chipset, which was dubbed Centrino Pro when they announced it last year, is expected to launch May 8th, along with a handful of shiny new Centrino Pro-based notebooks. The CP platform will have integrated 802.11n and support Intel's next wave of Core 2 Duo CPUs,… » 3/08/07 9:15am 3/08/07 9:15am