Vicious New Santa Rosa's LG X-Note Laptops Throw Exclusive Party with Korean Nymphs

According to the Far East wires, a group of vicious LG X-Note laptops powered by Intel Santa Rosa chipsets have been seen in a Korean park while enjoying an exclusive picnic with two young cyborg nymphs. Two of the bigger notebook computers respond to the names of LG X-Note R500 and E500 (aka Biff and Joey Four… »5/08/07 12:14pm5/08/07 12:14pm

Intel's Next Gen Mobile Chipset Coming May 8th, Will Include HSDPA

The buzz has officially started. Intel's next mobile chipset, which was dubbed Centrino Pro when they announced it last year, is expected to launch May 8th, along with a handful of shiny new Centrino Pro-based notebooks. The CP platform will have integrated 802.11n and support Intel's next wave of Core 2 Duo CPUs,… »3/08/07 9:15am3/08/07 9:15am