Intel Is Having Problems Making Ultrabook Manufacturers Stick to That…

Surprise surprise, Intel's sub-$1,000 Ultrabooks promise was too good to be true: Acer, one of the first manufacturers to sign up to the Ivy Bridge/Thunderbolt platform , will launch late this year, at over a grand. That's after Intel's subsidy, too. [Notebook Italia via SlashGear] » 7/26/11 7:54am 7/26/11 7:54am

Intel's Wooing Companies Into Creating Ultra-Thin Ultrabooks

Running on Ivy Bridge, loaded with Thunderbolt ports and costing under $1,000, Intel's Ultrabook laptop segment is expected to be big news in late 2012—if you believe what Intel's saying, anyway. Digitimes claims Intel's attempting to lure 40 per cent of laptop manufacturers into creating Ultrabooks, but until Intel… » 7/04/11 10:40am 7/04/11 10:40am