Robocup 2008 Droids Cooperate Like Real Soccer Team, With Fewer Hissy…

Miniature humanoid robots are getting more impressive by the day: this video shows the Darmstadt Dribblers team in action in the recent 2008 Robocup. And if you notice, they're really playing like proper autonomous soccer teams. It's the first year that three-on-three playing action has happened, and thus required… » 7/21/08 5:22am 7/21/08 5:22am

Smart Coaster Alerts Bartender of Empty Drink

Another way to be the most efficient alcoholic is ensuring that your glass is never empty, and this invention from students and a professor at the University of Munich can do so. The intelligent coaster includes a gravity and weight sensor. It can be calibrated to an empty glass before any drinking is done. Once an… » 3/12/07 3:30pm 3/12/07 3:30pm