MIT Made a Smartphone Control a Computer With a Simple Touch

Have you ever held your smartphone up to your laptop screen and thought about how cool it would be if the two devices could work together, physically? Well now, thanks to a team from the MIT Media Lab, they can. New software lets you use your smartphone as an extra interface for a computer, and it looks awesome. »9/15/14 4:33pm9/15/14 4:33pm

Beautiful Interactive London Bar Still Doesn't Help You Get Laid

London's interactive bar, TwentyFour, promises one thing — if there's a lack of feminine eye-candy, you can always pass the time by staring blankly at the ever-changing walls. The bar combines thousands of LED color combinations with walls that are, in fact, projection screens, creating one of the coolest bars I've… »9/13/07 10:02pm9/13/07 10:02pm