When Does Online Fantasy Become Criminal Conspiracy?

When does an online fantasy cross the line into criminal conspiracy? That's the issue the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is currently weighing in United States v. Gilberto Valle, the so-called "cannibal cop" case. EFF filed an amicus brief in support of Valle today, arguing that finding him guilty of conspiracy based… » 3/23/15 4:30am 3/23/15 4:30am

Can the FCC Create Public Super Wi-Fi Networks?

The Washington Post boldly led a front-page story last weekend with the claim: "The federal government wants to create super WiFi networks across the nation, so powerful and broad in reach that consumers could use them to make calls or surf the Internet without paying a cellphone bill every month." » 2/06/13 7:29am 2/06/13 7:29am