Vonage Is Giving Away 15 Free International Minutes to Downloaders Of…

To suck people into downloading their free app, Vonage is giving away 15 minutes' free international calling. Thereafter, you can pre-pay for bulk minutes, with the approximate cost being $2 per 15 minutes—billable to your iTunes. » 8/04/11 11:00am 8/04/11 11:00am

Skype Offering Free Calls For A Month

Need to talk smack to other countries during the World Cup? Skype has you covered. They're offering free landline calls to a number of countries for an entire month. Here's the list: » 6/23/10 4:10pm 6/23/10 4:10pm

Giz Explains: Why Using Your Phone In Another Country Costs So Much

The worst part of any vacation is coming home. Not just because your fleeting glimpse of freedom is finished, but because you've got to pay the absurd phone bill you racked up while you were gone. Ugh. Why? » 5/17/10 3:20pm 5/17/10 3:20pm