Comcast Will Cap More People's Data Because of 'Fairness'

The Comcast data cap ‘trial’ is starting to look less like a trial and more like a handy way to extract money: starting December 1st, markets from Arkansas to Virginia will see data capped to 300GB, with $10 per 50GB over. Comcast says this is about “fairness and providing a more flexible policy to our customers”. »11/05/15 11:00pm11/05/15 11:00pm

FCC Fines Hilton and MC Dean $750,000 Over Blocking Guests' Wi-Fi

The FCC has been taking a much-needed stand against companies that block personal Wi-Fi hotspots in an effort to get people to buy overpriced access to (normally crap) Wi-Fi networks. The latest pair of cartoon corporate villains: Hilton Hotels, and M.C. Dean, provider to Wi-Fi to the Baltimore Convention Center. »11/03/15 1:09am11/03/15 1:09am