5 Sad Facts About America's Ridiculously Slow Internet

Anyone who’s ever stared glass-eyed at a Netflix video that won’t load or stuttered through a glitchy Skype call knows that the United States leaves its citizens starving for bandwidth. But the latest data in Akamai’s annual “State of the Internet” report presents some prettypretty depressing statistics about… »3/31/15 6:00pm3/31/15 6:00pm

Southwest Airlines Testing Satellite Broadband Internet Access For Your Pleasure

According to their own press release, Southwest is going to be testing in-flight broadband satellite Wi-Fi access so you can check your mail and do all sorts of stuff (though probably not surf porn or talk to someone on Skype). They'll start testing on four planes this summer, with a wider rollout to come whenever… »1/23/08 12:54pm1/23/08 12:54pm

Qantas Revives In-Flight Internet With Wi-Fi and Ethernet Access

Just when most other airlines and airplane manufacturers are removing in-flight internet access, Qantas goes the exact opposite direction (into our hearts) and adds internet access. The A380 and 747-400 planes that will make up their web-enabled fleet will have both Wi-Fi and a charging slot to plug your laptop into.… »7/24/07 2:00pm7/24/07 2:00pm