Buy Two Peek Handhelds and They'll Pay Your Phone Bill

Wow, it's like the longer you wait, the better the deals for the Peek email-on-the-go handheld get. First, there was the price drop to $80 » 11/27/08 1:00am 11/27/08 1:00am; then, . Now the company is offering to pay you entire November iPhone or G1 bill (up to $150), if you buy two peeks (one for you, and one for a friend) at getpeek.com before…

Gigabyte's 3G-Capable MID M528 Coming Out On Sept 17 For $689

A release date and price has been set for UMPC contender Gigabyte's MID M528, a diminutive portable computer with a slide out keyboard, according to the folks over at UMPC Portal. A product page on Gigabyte's site put the cost at $689 and availability on Sept. 17. The page then disappeared, but not before intrepid… » 8/16/08 11:00am 8/16/08 11:00am

Linux-based UMPC Will Come with GPS and HSDPA

Internet devices are popping up all over the place nowadays, and the latest comes from the folks at EB. It reminds us of the Amtek a little bit...and the OQO2 a lot...but this one will pack Mobile WiMax, HSDPA and built-in GPS. On top of that it'll have a decent-sized 4.8-inch screen. It'll run Intel's new Menlow… » 6/08/07 10:00am 6/08/07 10:00am