Australian Electronics Retailer Shame-Taxes Customers Who Use Internet Explorer 7 (Updated)

An Australian consumer electronics e-retailer, Kogan.com, has some strong ideas about socially acceptable web browser use. So strong, in fact, that customers who use Internet Explorer 7 to navigate the page are charged a tax of 6.8% of their total order—that's 0.1% for each month since the browser was first… » 6/14/12 9:40pm 6/14/12 9:40pm

Now Even the PS3 Surfs Faster than Explorer

It's a sad day, Microsoft, when Sony goes on record that their PS3 browser is faster than IE7. Firmware 2.5 is not only bringing the PlayStation 3 internet browser Flash 9, but its Javascript update promises to speed up the browser by an impressive 2.8X. Sony admits that they're still slower than Google Chrome, but as… » 10/28/08 8:23am 10/28/08 8:23am

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on Day Zero: Better Than Firefox?

IE7 finally ships in its finished form today, and the guys at Laptop Magazine say that it improves on Firefox in some key areas. Among its new features are tabbed browsing just like Firefox, an integrated RSS reader and plug-in support. Sound familiar? » 10/18/06 9:40am 10/18/06 9:40am

Microsoft says IE 7 is a lot more secure than its predecessor, so…