YouTube Now Playing Widescreen Videos

People who logged into Youtube today have probably noticed that everybody's favorite internet video site has undergone a slight change—everything has gone widescreen! That's right, now you can watch a dog humping a baby in 16:9, rather than the original boring ol' 4:3. Though, if you'd rather stick to boring ol' 4:3,… » 11/25/08 2:10am 11/25/08 2:10am

Hulu Private Beta Goes Live Tonight; Will YouTube Blink?

The bastard child of News Corp. and NBC's love-hate relationship with GooTube, Hulu, is making its public debut this week, with the private beta going live tonight. The log-in form's already up, but those of us at Giz who've signed up for the beta haven't gotten our invites in the mail yet, so we haven't stuck our… » 10/29/07 3:40pm 10/29/07 3:40pm

Joost, DivX Working Together For DivX Connected Content

The DivX connected platform, which we had a hands-on with back in August, may just get an injection of Joost internet video. DivX founder stated that their two companies were working together to enhance DivX connected—which already lets you stream music, photos and video from your computer—to add a Joost plug-in by… » 10/09/07 2:30pm 10/09/07 2:30pm

Building B Promises the One True Set-Top Box, Without Wires, PCs or…

The do-it-all set-top box market's about to get even more crowded, the newest kid on the block coming from start-up Building B. Their hook: wireless delivery of traditional TV content in HD, plus VOD and web video without a PC. The catch: They're not so forthcoming with the details in regards to the tech it's using… » 8/20/07 1:40pm 8/20/07 1:40pm