Why Did It Take So Long for Spotify to Come to the US?

Spotify is not the first internet music service. There's Pandora, Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, Zune, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Music, and plenty of others. Yet despite not having a product in the US, Spotify became legend. A musical unicorn. » 7/13/11 10:02pm 7/13/11 10:02pm

Google Music: Upload and Stream All Your Tunes From the Cloud

Google Music, the streaming music answer to Amazon, MOG and Rdio, is here (in beta form). You can access music in the cloud and stream to devices. But unlike MOG and Rdio, you can only play what you upload. » 5/10/11 12:11pm 5/10/11 12:11pm

The State of Internet Music on YouTube, Pandora, iTunes, and Facebook

"The music business historically has been built around albums. This album-centrism is like saying the sun revolves around the Earth. We don't listen to albums now; we listen to collections of songs." » 7/20/10 11:00pm 7/20/10 11:00pm