1Gbps Fiber-Optic Service Arrives in Japan on October 1

Near-instantaneous porn downloads will soon be possible in Japan thanks to a speedy new, widely available, fiber-optic service from ISP KDDI. The service will offer upload and download speeds (each way) of up to one gigabit per second. The service goes online October 1 for single family homes and low-rise apartment… »9/28/08 11:30am9/28/08 11:30am

Cows, Farmer's Daughters Get $267 Million Broadband Boost

If your Internet surfing gets cut constantly because a cow kicked over a lantern and burned down the barn or worse-because you use DSL, help could be on the way. Denver-based Open Range Communications is hoping to eliminate rural DSL Internet surfing with a substantial $267 million loan it received from the Department… »3/30/08 12:00pm3/30/08 12:00pm