How the FTC Screwed Up the Google Investigation (and Screwed You In…

The FTC's reported closing of its Google search bias investigation, with no real enforceable settlement mechanism, and a special new self-enforcement antitrust precedent apparently only available to Google, raises serious questions about the integrity of the FTC's law enforcement process and whether the FTC accords… » 1/03/13 2:29pm 1/03/13 2:29pm

CT Attorney General Investigating Apple and Amazon Over eBook Pricing

Citing "potentially anticompetitive ebook deals," Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is investigating the relationship between Apple, Amazon and publishers. Blumenthal claims Apple and Amazon have struck exclusive deals with publishers that would block smaller ebook distributors from offering better prices.… » 8/02/10 3:59pm 8/02/10 3:59pm

Nintendo Investigating Foxconn Conditions

Contrary to a lot of reports, more than just Apple's products are made at Foxconn's Shenzhen factories. Nintendo, whose Wii and other products are made there, has announced it shall be investigating the working and living conditions of the factory workers in light of the suicides. [MarketWatch via Kotaku] » 5/28/10 4:35am 5/28/10 4:35am

Voting Machines With Disappearing Logs Finally Under Investigation

We knew how you could hack a voting machine, but California has discovered that some of its machines practically invite you to play. Machines made by Premier Election Solutions are finally under investigation for their faulty, omissive, easily alterable logs. » 10/22/09 9:00pm 10/22/09 9:00pm