Best Buy Giving Free invisibleSHIELDS To Unhappy iPhone 4 Owners?

Everyone's trying to fix the iPhone 4's attenuation problem! Best Buy is reportedly giving away free invisibleSHIELDs to any unhappy iPhone 4 owner. Meaning you didn't even have to buy your iPhone 4 from Best Buy to take advantage. UPDATED » 7/28/10 12:48pm 7/28/10 12:48pm

Zagg's iPhone 4 InvisibleSHIELD Seems Like it Fixes the Antenna Issue

The folks at Zagg—they make the very popular invisibleSHIELD clear sticker-screens for smartphones—just tested to see if their iPhone 4 model works to alleviate antenna issues. Spoiler: It does! » 7/19/10 12:48pm 7/19/10 12:48pm

Lightning Review: Keeping Your iPhone? Clear Armor Apache-Grade Scratch…

The Gadget: Case-mate's Clear Armor film for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic (80GB and 160GB) or BlackBerry Curve protects against scratches using a military-grade Scotchgard film from 3M. » 6/10/08 3:45pm 6/10/08 3:45pm

More iPhone Destruction, Now With Pizza

Maybe it's cathartic to destroy the iPhone after all of its hype, as we have another journalist's entry in the iPhone destruction trend. This time, Mobility Today is testing the $24.95 invisibleSHIELD—a product that's been around for mobile devices for some time—on the iPhone. Hit the jump for a video that includes… » 7/07/07 11:46am 7/07/07 11:46am

Apple Torture: Invisibly Shielded Macbook vs Drywall Screws

The Apple and Invisible Shield fanboys have collected a bunch of screws loosened from their noggins, and used them to test the gadget protecting stickers. The unnamed Macbook owner drags his precious over a bed of spindly drywall screws over and over and over again. Make it stop! » 8/01/06 8:57pm 8/01/06 8:57pm

The invisibleSHIELD Reviewed With A Key and a Motorola Q

We've seen the invisibleSHIELD around here a couple of times, but are you confident in its protective power? Dave from Mobility Today is—he's got bigger huevos than us—and he put his money where his Q was by taking a key and trying to scratch up his brand new Motorola Q. The result, no damage whatsoever. » 6/23/06 4:48pm 6/23/06 4:48pm