Invisio G5 World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset Reviewed (Verdict: High Quality, But Lousy Wind Noise)

Because this Invisio G5 Bluetooth headset is the world's smallest Bluetooth headset, there's probably only one big reason why you're buying it. You don't need a test to tell you that it's the smallest headset. But you do need a test to tell you how well it feels in your ear and how well it handles call quality. »3/03/08 3:36pm3/03/08 3:36pm


Nextlink Invisio G5, World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset

You already read the headline. So you already know that the Nextlink Invisio G5 is the world's smallest Bluetooth headset. So I'm wasting your time. We're retreading old ground. You want to know one thing—just how small is this headset? 3.3cm long and 1.6cm wide, or 1.2in long and .6in wide for the less metrically… »12/06/07 9:26am12/06/07 9:26am