StorCenter ix2: Iomega's Surprisingly Cheap EMC Home Server

EMC bought Iomega so that it could start easing its business-grade storage gear into homes and small offices, and the StorCenter ix2 is the first official combo of Iomega brand and EMC juice. Before I get into its LifeLine Linux environment, I wanted to point out that this thing is priced to move: A full two-disk 1TB… »10/15/08 12:01am10/15/08 12:01am

Beloved Useless Zip Drives Are Made Lovable Again... In Marionette Form!

Who doesn't love a Zip drive? With their sweet 100MB of magnetic memory, they used to save my ass back in the day. (My Performa 6400 even had an internal Zip drive.) And who doesn't love a marionette? With their beady eyes and history of horror-film animation, they touch the heart of any child from 1 to 100, sometimes… »9/11/08 10:30pm9/11/08 10:30pm

Iomega's Stylish eGo Drives Hit 1TB, Get Bigger Outside, Too

Sure we'd all love to see the little bus-powered 2.5" Iomega eGo drives hit 1TB, but that's not happening today. Instead, Iomega is porting their sleek, shiny, colorful design to the 3.5" realm, launching 1-terabyte Super eGo (get it?) drives in blue, red and black. For the time being, they're only USB 2.0—no FireWire… »5/29/08 8:30am5/29/08 8:30am

Iomega Introduces Leather 250GB Hip Flask, Er, eGo Drive

The people who brought you the camouflage eGo portable USB hard drive have traded the hunting rifle for the meerschaum pipe: the leather-clad 250GB eGo, which goes on sale today for just over $140, will look good in any study, but best in ones where there's a roaring fire and many leather-bound books. Iomega takes… »5/22/08 8:45am5/22/08 8:45am

Iomega Puts Windows Home Server on Hold; Is the Platform Doomed?

We just heard that Iomega was icing its plan to release HomeCenter, a Windows Home Server product like the ones currently available from HP. The company stresses that this decision has "nothing to do with the bug" that's been corrupting data saved directly to WHS systems from certain applications. Instead, Iomega felt… »3/18/08 1:45pm3/18/08 1:45pm