You'll Happily Swap Your Old Bulbs For This Interactive Party Ball

If you're outraged that the government would dare tell you what kind of lightbulbs you should be able to buy, ION Audio's new Party Ball should help quell your rage. It's designed to screw into a standard ceiling mounted light socket, but instead of just providing a warm glow to illuminate a room, it puts on a… »1/05/14 12:00pm1/05/14 12:00pm


Easily Update Ancient Stereos With ION Audio's Bluetooth Cassette

You may have convinced your parents to upgrade to a smartphone or a tablet, but that monstrous ancient stereo system in their living room that served them well in the 1980s isn't going anywhere. Thankfully, ION Audio's new Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is a ridiculously easy way to get their old and modern technology to… »1/05/14 12:00pm1/05/14 12:00pm

Six Things Your Friends and Family Should Have Gotten You From Macy’s

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family is a real challenge. And as you struggle to find things they might like, don't forget they're trying to do the same for you. So when you open that bright pink sweater, or the coffee maker they already got you last year, just smile politely and remember to… »12/28/12 4:00pm12/28/12 4:00pm

Ion Audio's Slides2PC Digitizes Your Old Negatives Simply, For $100

Devices to digitize your old photo collections aren't new »9/19/08 6:08am9/19/08 6:08am, but Ion Audio's new Slides2PC makes it about as simple and cheap as you might imagine. It takes a sled full of 35mm film negatives or slides, and turns them into 5-megapixel image files at the push of a button, with auto exposure control and color correction.…

Rumor: Ion Audio iProjector to be World's First iPod Dock and Front DLP?

Here's an interesting concept that we hope sees the light of day: take a low end projector and put an ipod dock on it so you can watch your 5G's videos on the wall. The iProjector, which gets minus points for its unoriginal name, comes from Ion Audio, a subdivision of turntable and audio equipment maker Numark. Ion is… »12/11/06 3:33pm12/11/06 3:33pm