Apple Yanks Games With Confederate Flags From App Store

Pop quiz: you’re in charge of a giant digital game store, and suddenly there’s a controversy revolving around how and when people display the U.S. Confederate flag. Do you A) do nothing; B) assess all of your games on a case-by-case basis; or C) remove games that show the flag in any way? » 6/25/15 1:58pm Thursday 1:58pm

Fall Asleep to Music on iOS

Sure, iOS 9 is stealing all the headlines right now, but there’s a good three months until we’re going to be able to get our fingers on it, and in the meantime there’s plenty of usefulness in existing versions of iOS. Today’s tip from the ‘you-might-not-have-known-this’ drawer is falling asleep with iOS playing the… » 6/10/15 11:04am 6/10/15 11:04am

Can't Code? This iPad App Will Easily Let You Make Your Own Video Game

There’s no shortage of nit-picking gamers who feel they could easily make better video games than what’s being released every week. And thanks to a new iPad app called Toy Engine, they can put their money where their mouths are and design their own side-scrolling video game, even if they’ve never written a single line… » 6/05/15 3:39pm 6/05/15 3:39pm

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Welcome to Apps of the Week, where we take a look at the latest smartphone software that makes us oh-so-glad to be living in the 21st century. We’ve got apps to challenge your email allegiances, bring smarts to your photo library, and a new voice assistant that looks to challenge the Siris and Cortanas of the world. » 6/05/15 2:30pm 6/05/15 2:30pm

Microsoft Is Slowly Buying Its Way Onto Your Smartphone

Like a penny-pinching extreme couponer, Microsoft has an eye for good deals—especially wonderful productivity apps for iOS and Android. In its latest mobile app bargain, Microsoft is reportedly buying Wunderlist, a well-loved to-do list app, which would basically make Microsoft the unofficial monarch of mobile… » 6/01/15 5:30pm 6/01/15 5:30pm

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

This week is the big annual tech holiday for Android fans (with Google Photos as a present), and Apple enthusiasts big day isn’t far behind, but we still got some great apps to talk about amidst the big headlines concerning new OS features and the like. Android gets completely caught up in the world of livestreaming,… » 5/28/15 3:35pm 5/28/15 3:35pm

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

This Thursday we’ve got apps you’re going to want to download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Microsoft ups its Android app game even further by pushing out Office for Android phones (finally). One of the best and exclusive readers out there gets a snazzy new iOS app. And if you’re a Windows Phone acolyte, a new… » 5/21/15 12:25pm 5/21/15 12:25pm